About Weddings

Couples who would like a Spero Dei minister to officiate their ceremony must take part in the PREPARE-ENRICH Marriage Prep Program.

Marriage Prep/Enrichment

If you are engaged, considering an engagement, or married and desiring to enrich your marriage, Spero Dei Church offers PREPARE-ENRICH. This will assist couples in building for marital longevity and overall healthy relationship development. 

After completing an online couple's assessment, you'll meet with a facilitator to review the strengths and growth areas of your relationship. You'll also learn more about participating in the next PREPARE-ENRICH GROUP. 

Groups are offered multiple times a year where you'll join with other couples in a comfortable and relaxed four-week experience. Here we'll guide you in understanding your partner and creating a deeper and healthier relationship. 

You'll also gain insights and practical skills that build a strong and healthy marriage including communication, conflict management, sexual intimacy finances, and spiritual oneness. 

Cost: There is a $35 fee for the online couple's assessment, payable at login to begin the assessment. 

Register below.


About Funerals

The loss of someone we love is always difficult. If you need a minister to meet or pray with you, and/or officiate a service, please email us with the link below.